Oley Elate

– composer, performer, arranger, sound engineer, sound producer. He has been in the recording industry for over 30 years – since 1981, when he began collaborating with rock bands, accompanying them on tour as a sound engineer and sound technician. In 1988 he settled in Moscow, where he worked mainly with Moscow groups. By the end of the 80s, already having a significant store of knowledge and experience in this area, he came to the legendary recording studio “Melodiya” in order to master all the subtleties and nuances of the recording process and various aspects of studio work. Returning to St. Petersburg in 1991, he devoted two years to work at Lenfilm, trying himself already as an actor. This experience allowed him to expand his vision of his capabilities as a composer and gave him new potential for development in this direction. The result of such external and internal work was a fruitful stage, when he recorded several albums of his own instrumental fortopian music. At the same time, he also helped other musicians in their work, acting as a composer, poet, sound engineer, arranger, and sound producer. Oley Elate himself, one of the most important moments in this period, notes the zenkomstvo and joint work with the legend of St. Petersburg rock, the most talented musician, sound engineer and writer – Yuri Morozov. In 2005, together with partners, he created RMC Records in St. Petersburg, later renamed Bidma Media Group, where he attracted many musicians from St. Petersburg and Moscow to cooperation. Since 2013, Oley Elate has re-started cooperation with the Melodiya recording studio in St. Petersburg, where he has been working to this day. In addition, Oley Elate is active on her own, creating her own studio known as MustbetheSound STudio (MS STudio). & Nbsp;

Being engaged in sound production: searching for ideas for a project, determining the style of the repertoire, selecting and approving poems, music, and arrangements, recruiting technical personnel for the project – musicians-accompanists, monitoring the recording and mixing of compositions. Oley Elate devotes considerable time to mastering of compositions, aiming to achieve professional high-quality corporate sound, which distinguishes recordings of Western artists ..