Editing sessions

A musical soundtrack is edited if it needs to be shortened or increased in duration. In addition, today a variety of mixes are very popular, for the creation of which it is necessary to correctly mount parts of phonograms ..

  • The most difficult thing is to fix the artist’s error by editing. When editing, it is very important not to allow the appearance of differences in the tempo, level and musical color of the edited fragments.
  • Before editing, you should listen to the phonogram several times in order to catch the connection between musical phrases, measures, understand the general nature of the arrangement and outline individual points for editing.
  • & nbsp; Before editing, the phonogram should be divided into composite fragments, keeping their original character. To do this at the proper level, you need to be guided by the peculiarities of the musical form of the piece.
  • To shorten a piece of music, it is advisable to use such methods as excluding musical phrases, measures, as well as determining the most appropriate place for the beginning and end of the sound of a fragment.

Many pop-music phonograms are characterized by the so-called square shape with the length of parts in 8 or 16 bars, which repeat the main theme or pattern of the musical work.
To lengthen a musical work, the repetition of musical sentences, bars, fragments, turns adding other fragments of the same piece, additional insertion of the introduction and code.
When editing, it is very important to take care of the logical musical beginning and ending of the edited fragments on the tonic. Transitions should take into account the tonality of the piece and its rhythm. Switching from one phonogram to another on an unfinished musical phrase is completely unacceptable.
Remember, the editing process must be approached carefully and carefully and in no case should it be abused unnecessarily.