& nbsp; – so you’ve recorded a musical project. As a rule, it consists of several tracks: recordings of instruments and vocals, which now need to be combined. But you are unlikely to like the result obtained if these tracks are simply folded. Instead of the expected sound, you will hear something close to a cacophony of sounds with various noises. In order to get a high-quality stereo track, mixing is also necessary. & Nbsp;

Mixing is a rather complex process, in which a multi-track recording is made into a single project, the sound engineer works to level the sound, determine the place for each instrument, including conceptually “approaching” or “removing” them in general for listening perception. At the same stage, possible frequency conflicts are eliminated.

  • Mixing is possible both digital and analog.
  • Reamping – digital tracks are channeled in an analog device (console, adder).
  • Stemmixing – several tracks summed to a stereo pair and dumped into an analog mix.

The general tone is set for the composition, possibly similar in sound to the manner of performance of one or another famous musician if the customer wishes. & nbsp;

When mixing, the sound engineer, together with the sound producer and musicians, can, while defining the sound concept, add various special effects to enhance the mood of the music track ..