Sound recording

– the process of recording sound signals. The result of a sound recording is & nbsp; phonogram.

Necessary equipment: a device for converting acoustic vibrations into an electrical signal (microphone) or a tone generator (e.g. sound & nbsp; synthesizer, sampler), a device for converting electrical vibrations into a sequence of numbers (in digital recording), a storage device (tape recorder,; hard disk; compute; or other device for saving the received; information; on; media). Sound recording can be mono, stereo and quadraphonic.

The oldest known sound recording was made April 9 1860 by Parisian inventor Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville using a device called a phonoautograph.

Depending on saving, there are two main types of sound recording: analog and digital .

  • Recording audiobooks.
  • Recording orchestras, live concerts.
  • Turnkey songs.
  • Arranging, producing.
  • Records restoration, conversion, digitization.